New Students

Registration Form

We are currently accepting applications for Grades Nursery to 7 for
the 2077(2020-2021) academic year.

  1. Name of the child
  2. Gender
    FemaleMalePrefer not to say
  3. Date of birth
  4. Nationality
    NepaleseNon Nepalese
  5. Does the child have any health issue?
  6. If your child has health issue, please mention.
  7. Where does the child live?
  8. Admission is sought for class/grade
  9. Name of the last school attended
  10. Name of Father
  11. Father's contact number
  12. Name of Mother
  13. Mother's contact number
  14. Does the child have any sibling currently studying at SBS?
  15. Does the child need transportation facility?
  16. If transportation facility is needed, please mention the pick up/drop station
  17. Corresponding email address

If you have any queries about admissions – the process, duration, qualifications, eligibility or just about anything else, please feel free to contact us on our HOTLINE TELEPHONE 014351000.